January 11, 2007
ArtRage v2
Ambient Design
Close Up Detail 01 - see a section of the image at actual size
Close Up Detail 02 - see a section of the image at actual size

I have just spent a few days playing with a new painting program. The program is called ArtRage, and version 1 has been around for quite a while and was free. Version 2 is the latest incarnation and there is still a free version, but now there is a version with more features that costs only US$20, I think that it worked out to about twenty six dollars Australian.

Anyway, the way that the paint works is excellent and it is very close to working with oil paint. This image was created at 2152x1727 pixels.

I really recommend that you check out this program, download the free version and give it a try. It really is fun.

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