Dec 2001
Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects

I have created a couple of images using this program, basically to show students that you don't need to be able to paint or draw, to create some interesting images.

Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Effects was used to create the picture above. It is just a stock library photo with a drawing effect (pastel) applied to it.

This image took about two minutes to create. To create something similar using a painting program could take up to two hours or more, depending upon your skill level..

Of course, using something like Instant Photo Effects, you are limited to the effects provided with the program and the photos that you have available. And you don't have the satisfaction of creating an original piece, that is "all your own work".

I find this type of program useful for creating elements that are to be part of a larger image, such as a montage or poster. This lets you create the components quickly, and leaves you more time for the final arrangement. This can be really useful if you are working to a deadline.

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