Vue d'Esprit 2.1

Another image from Vue d'Esprit. I had been reading an article on a Bryce web site, about how to create man made objects using the terrain editor in Bryce. There was an example of creating a headstone, I decided to try it in Vue and this headstone, is the result.

The method basically involves creating a grey scale bitmap for the terrain editor to use. White areas appear high and black areas low, with the grey shades falling somewhere in between. I created the image map for this one using Xara and exported it as a bitmap for use in Vue.

After the effort of creating the headstone, I decided to put it in an appropriate setting, I created the fence using primitives in Vue and then just kept adding trees and plants. I was trying to achieve a sort of overgrown, neglected look but really it still looks very neat. I may get around to adding some more weeds in the foreground someday.

Don't you just love those trees and plants courtesy of Vue d'Esprit?. They do increase the rendering time a lot but the results are really worth it.

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