May 3, 2003
Painter 5.5

Created for a challenge at PixelParity this image uses a few of Painter's advanced features, which I am slowly but surely getting to grips with.

The challenge was to create an image using impasto brushes, which I used for the paint on the palette. The palette itself was created by filling an oval mask with a mid brown colour, using the eraser to create the cut-outs and then using the bevel tool to give it some depth and a drop shadow added.

To create the woodgrain effect, just the top surface was selected, and then I used the record stroke and auto playback stroke with brushes of various sizes and colours until I achieved the effect I was after.

The background was created by using a large soft airbrush with black, white and various shades of grey to create the appearance of folds in cloth, this was then softened considerably. Then I used the express gradient in image feature to add colour to the cloth and softened it a bit more.

Finally a glass distortion floater was used in an attempt to bend the drop shadow around the cloth.

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