I think this was started mid 1999 and finished early 2000
Painter 5.5

This is a very nice software package as long as you are prepared to spend plenty of time to learn how to use it, rather a steep learning curve.

From memory this image started out as a water-colour, but I couldn't get the effect that I was looking for, so I switched to oil paints. I still wasn't very happy with the image, except for the grass, which was done with the Impressionist version of the Artists brushes, but I saved it anyway and moved on to something else.

It was probably about six months later that I decided to have another look at it. This time I decided to attack it with the airbrush tool. I left the grass, because that was the best part of it. Everything else was sprayed with the airbrush using various sized nozzles and opacity. Just try doing that with real art materials!

And the result?, Well I like it and that's the important thing. I actually printed it out on glossy paper and had it enlarged and laminated at the local "Laser Copy Shop". It is now hanging on my living room wall.

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