April 2002
Painter 5.5

This image was drawn with the pencil tool in Painter. I then coloured it using water-colours on the cat and pastels for the mat and the background.

Upon completing it I wasn't too happy with the original background so I pulled the image into PhotoImpact and separated the background from the main image. I was then able to change the background to the one shown here.

I really like using Painter to create images, but I much prefer PhotoImpact for making alterations such as this. I just don't seem to be able to get the hang of Painters floaters. Actually the latest version of Painter now uses layers, just like PhotoShop. But my version 5.5 of Painter was free on a cover CD, come to think of it, so was my version 5 of PhotoImpact.

Well to be perfectly honest, about 90% of the applications that I now use came from magazine cover CD's. The last time I actually purchased software was when I upgraded to Corel Draw version 8.

Tismo is my pet cat by the way. I worked from a photograph, she just doesn't sit still long enough for me to draw her, she barely sits still long enough for me to photograph her!

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