Xara is one of the leanest and meanest drawing programs available.

It has a well designed clean interface but it has all of the tools and features that are demanded by professional illustrators

Check out the USER GALLERIES on the Xara web site to see what can be achieved with this program

Fishpond Australia
600 x 120 skyscraper
Images were created with versions of Xara right back to the original
Alanti Gamer Thumbnail Alanti Gamer
Designer Pro 6
Xara Flower Thumbnail Xara Flower
Designer Pro 6
Emerald Queen Thumbnail The Emerald Queen
Magnified Thumbnail Magnified
Xara 2
The Art Pad Thumbnail Art Pad
Corel Xara v1.2
Moonlight Island Thumbnail Moonlight Island
Corel Xara v1.2
Moonlight Island V2 Thumbnail Moonlight Island V2
Corel Xara v1.2
Toadstool House Thumbnail Toadstool House
Corel Xara v1.2
Balcony View Thumbnail Balcony View
Corel Xara v1.2
Key West Thumbnail Key West
Corel Xara v1.2
Pocket PC Thumbnail Pocket PC
Corel Xara v1.2
3D Art Pad Thumbnail 3D Art Pad
Corel Xara v1.2

This image was created in Xara for a range of mugs available at The Ambidextrous Mug Shop

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Xara Home Page - Get information on the latest version of Xara and download a trial version.

Quite simply the world's fastest graphics software, with truly flexible illustration tools and revolutionary photo handling. A single application for all types of creative work, whether it's vector drawings, DTP, photo composition, web graphics or Flash animation. Comes in 2 versions, Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro, Pro offers advanced print and web design features.

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The definitive site for information, guides, and support for Xara Designer Pro X (v8), and previous versions of The World’s Fastest Drawing Program! Here, you’ll find fresh new tutorials every month, plus a huge archive of examples representing over 15 years of community support.