Identify Components of Multimedia

This unit describes the competency required to identify components of multimedia
The project life cycle and the IT methodology employed will determine which particular units of competency are relevant to this unit, some include the Project Management, Implementation, Support, the teamwork functional areas and documentation.
Nominal Duration 20 hours.
Identify the electronic
components of multimedia
Computer technology including CPU, ROM, RAM, storage devices, monitors and input devices relating to multimedia are identified and their functions explained
Analogue and digital devices relevant to multimedia are identified and the formats distinguished
The properties of digitised data are correctly defined to specifications
Issues relating to rapid technological change including electronic media and digital photography are discussed to deliver specific outcomes
Explore the scope of multimedia
The scope of multimedia for the particular project is explored and explained relevant to the industry sector
The authoring role of a multimedia project is identified and correctly explained
The components of various multimedia projects including text, graphics, photography, typography, sound, animation and video are correctly broken down into the component media
The use of multimedia and its relationship to the project for delivering a specified outcome is described
The difference between passive and interactive multimedia is explored for application to the project
The features of contemporary multimedia software relevant to text, graphics, photography, typography, sound, animation and video are identified to ensure application to outcome is relevant
g) The use of multimedia with respect to a variety of outcomes including newspapers, magazines, traditional sheetfed, digital printing, Internet WWW page, digital bill boards and CD-ROM are identified and the suitability of multimedia for such outcomes is discussed with client
Assess the features and functions
of multimedia operating systems
The distinguishing features of contemporary operating systems including DOS, UNIX, OS/2, VMS, Macintosh, Windows systems and emerging systems are correctly identified
The disk formats of operating systems are correctly identified
Functions and structures of operating systems are correctly identified
Compression software appropriate to the operating system is identified
Outline the role of multimedia
The attributes of a multimedia generalist are defined in relation to the industry sector
The attributes of multimedia specialisation's are defined in relation to the industry sector
The importance of resolution is examined relevant to the mode of multimedia presentation
These are the skills and knowledge that the student will require to be able to prove competency for this unit. These may be pre-existing or acquired during the undertaking of this unit.
Underpinning knowledge
General knowledge of electronic components of multimedia
General knowledge of the scope of multimedia
General knowledge of the features and functions of multimedia operating systems
Broad general knowledge of the role of multimedia
Broad knowledge base of quality assurance practices
Broad general knowledge of the client business domain
A broad knowledge base incorporating current industry multimedia products and procedures with broad knowledge of general features and capabilities and detailed knowledge in some areas
Underpinning skills
Project planning skills in relation to scope, time, cost, quality, communications
Research skills for identifying, analysing and evaluating broad features of current multimedia usage and best practice in multimedia products and procedures
Financial modelling skills for identifying, analysing and evaluating a range of different solutions
Plain English literacy and communication skills in relation to analysis, evaluation and presentation of information
Problem solving skills for a defined range of predictable problems
Group facilitation and presentation skills in relation to transferring and collecting information and gaining consensus on concepts
Assessment Matrix
Element(s) Covered Type of Assessment Description

Find two advertisements for Multimedia computers, 1 below $5000 and 1 over $6000.

Identify each of the major multimedia components, and its advantages and disadvantages (if any)

Include any recommendations you would make for changing any of the components, with your reasons for doing so

Describe which operating system is being used and why.

Describe what compression software is available for the operating system.

Create a set of tables that lists each of the major input/output and data capture devices for use in multimedia.
Give a brief description of the purpose of each device
Explain advantages/disadvantages over similar devices
Include the price range for each of the devices
Where applicable, describe how the information is stored on the device and how the data is transferred to and from the computer
Describe three formats for storing graphics files
Describe three formats for storing sound or music files
For each of the above, describe whether any compression is used and how this may affect the quality of the file
To go with one of the multimedia computer systems above, you are to recommend three more devices that would be useful additions to a multimedia studio set-up. These devices may be purchased now or during the next 12 months.
Devices may include
Input devices
Output devices
Storage devices
Image capture devices (still or video)
You need to document
the purpose and capabilities of each item
reasons for your recommendation
price range
range of capabilities available now
what may be available in 6-12 months time

Students are to create an analysis and breakdown for an imaginary multimedia project. The student has the choice of what the project is to be, but needs to get the project approved by the lecturer.

The type of project could include but are not limited to

A CD-ROM encyclopaedia
An animated television commercial
A multimedia website
  The analysis and breakdown should include
The type of multimedia elements that are to be used, e.g. 3d Modelling, 2D Animation, Live Video, Sound etc.
The staff that will be required, e.g project co-ordinator, programmers, animators, 3d modelling specialists, etc.
Whether the project uses static or passive multimedia, or both
Any supporting material that is to be produced, e.g newspaper and magazine advertising, website promotion etc. If this is the case you should decide if these extra materials are to be produced in house, or contracted out. If any of these tasks are to be performed in house, then you need to make sure that you include the appropriate staff
Define what resolution is being used for the final product and why

Create an advertisement for a multimedia position that is to be advertised.

Define what skills that the applicant should possess, including essential skills, and other skills which could be useful.

Indicate whether this is a specialised position or a generalist one.

Prepared by Alan T Horwell