Incorporate Text Into Multimedia Presentations

This unit describes the competency required to incorporate text into multimedia presentations.
The project life cycle and the IT methodology employed will determine which particular units of competency are relevant to this unit, some include the Project Management, Implementation, Support, the teamwork functional areas and documentation.
Nominal Duration 20 hours.
Use Multimedia Text Software
Appropriate software is assessed and selected for the required medium (hard copy or screen).
Entering and exiting the selected software are demonstrated and the tools and features of the program used correctly.
Editing and manipulating text are demonstrated and the tools and features of the program used correctly.
Text is saved and retrieved using the designated file formats.
Create Multimedia Text
Text that incorporates the principles of typography is created using the designated software.
Advanced issues of electronic fonts including Multiple Masters, font types and TrueType are identified and discussed.
Text is edited (enhanced and amended) and saved using the designated software.
The elements of text are integrated into a designated multimedia sequence.
Text is tested and run as part of a multimedia presentation.
Text is published electronically appropriate for the job to be undertaken.
These are the skills and knowledge that the student will require to be able to prove competency for this unit. These may be pre-existing or acquired during the undertaking of this unit.
Underpinning knowledge

Detailed knowledge of multimedia text software.

Detailed knowledge of the principles of on screen typography and electronic publishing.
Detailed knowledge of information sources.
General OH&S principles and responsibilities.
Detailed understanding of using system software and system tools.
Broad knowledge base of vendor product directions.
Broad general knowledge of the client business domain.
Broad knowledge base of quality assurance practices.
Broad general knowledge of change management systems.
Broad knowledge of OH&S requirements in relation to work safety, environmental factors and ergonomic considerations.
Underpinning skills
Ability to create multimedia text.
Analysis skills in relation to routine and non routine work processes.
Project planning skills in relation to set benchmarks and identified scope.
Teamwork skills involve responsibility of self and contribution solutions and goals of a non routine or contingency nature.
Report writing skills for business requiring depth in some areas, analysis and evaluation of information in a defined range of areas.
Problem solving skills in non routine work processes.
Plain English literacy and communication skills in relation to dealing with clients and team members.
Assessment Matrix
Element(s) Covered Type of Assessment Description

Create a short report on 2 programs suitable for creating text for multimedia purposes.

Assess whether these programs would also be suitable for creating text for hard copy.

Recreate the above report in a format suitable for viewing on screen, using one of the programs that you have assessed.

Create a multimedia presentation covering all aspects of using text in multimedia presentations.

Components to be covered include
Fonts & Font Families.
TrueType fonts.
The effective use of text.
Corporate Image.
Company Logos.
The effective use of colour.
When & How to use decorative text.
Matching fonts to the intended audience.
Effective layout.
When may it be more suitable to replace or supplement text with images.
Factors to be considered if the text is to be used in both multimedia and printed formats.
Embedding fonts into presentations.
The advantages & disadvantages of converting text into graphics.
Prepared by Alan T Horwell