The Internet is not TV
The Internet has certainly given the power to the people. Unlike television, where you may gain viewers purely for the reason that there is nothing better on the other channels, you can't make the same assumptions about your web site.

The choice for television viewers is very small, when compared to the Internet. In some countries, people only have the state run TV channel to watch. Many countries with free to air TV may offer a handful of stations. Depending upon where you live, if you opt for cable TV you may have between 50 - 200 channels available.

How big is the Internet?
Although it is virtually impossible to provide accurate statistics about how big the Internet actually is, even the lowest of the best guess estimates, make the TV figures pale in comparison.

Way back in 1999, figures from the Internet Software Consortium, estimated that there were 56 million web hosts (i.e. Servers providing access to web pages). The estimates for the number of web pages ranged from 1 billion to 550 billion.

That was then - this is now
1790 million to 2230 million is the estimated number of unique individuals who will use the Internet in 2012, all countries combined. Found those figures here

Apparently there are about 1 Trillion pages on the Internet I got that figure from here

Is that an accurate figure? I wouldn't have a clue, I don't know if anybody really knows. But one thing is certain - the Internet is getting bigger and bigger every day

Have a look here and also here for some more statistics. How you view them will depend on whether you are a glass half empty, or glass half full person.

So what does this mean for you
Well for a start, your web page is going to have a lot of competition. But on the bright side, don't forget the estimated 2.2 billion users in 2012

So how do we home in on our target?

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